Will Call of Duty: Ghosts Just Be More of the Same?

call of duty ghosts

Throughout the Call of Duty franchise, I have frequently been either pleasantly surprised or unfortunately disappointed. When it all started, Call of Duty was simply a great war game, slightly ahead of its time and primarily focused on delivering a great single player experience. This focus shifted quickly, with Call of Duty 4 still considered one of the best games in the entire series in terms of online multiplayer. There are still people playing that game online to this very day!

The evolution of the series continued as Call of Duty: World at War introduced zombies. The zombies mode instantly became a fan favorite and staple of every CoD game developed by Treyarch since then. I remember hours camped out with my pals, struggling to make it past round 25 without running out of Ray Gun ammo.

Then came Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This was their first attempt at a sequel in a modern setting, consisting of an arsenal of groundbreaking technology that actually shapes our military today. The game started off great, until people began finding ways to ruin it for others. Online was plagued with noob-tubers running One Man Army and quickscopers running around every lobby. Everybody else would hide in corners camping for their killstreaks with unlimited claymores thanks to the Scavenger perk to protect them. The constant killstreaks in the air made MW2 unplayable for many run-and-gunners.

Modern Warfare 2 changed the face of the franchise forever. Camping became more and more of a problem thanks to the killstreaks. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have attempted to combat this problem over the years, but have so far been unsuccessful. Modern Warfare 3 added some new game modes to get people moving more, like Kill Confirmed, and then Treyarch came up with the customizable slots system for perks and weapon attachments in Black Ops II which allowed players to personalize their loadout to their playstyle. Every game in the CoD franchise has brought something new to the table.

Call of Duty: Ghosts, however, looks like it is just going to be more of the same. When a behind-the-scenes video was recently shown at Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal conference, a couple of the main innovations were said to be a revamped vaulting system (when you jump over walls), the ability to peak around corners, and a new baseball slide. These don’t really seem like revolutionary ideas. What people really want is dedicated servers, better hit detection, and kill cams that actually show what happened.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts being the first CoD for next generation consoles, the graphics will obviously look a lot better. The game will supposedly be using a new engine and the A.I. will likely be a lot smarter, too. But is that really all that Call of Duty: Ghosts is bringing to the table? This is worrisome.

When you really look at each game in the Call of Duty franchise, at its core they are all pretty much the same. Sure there are different perks, different guns, and some different game modes, but the games feel the same. If you go back and pop in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which came out in 2007, it still plays a lot like Modern Warfare 3 which came out in 2011.

What will make CoD: Ghosts something new? What will make it something that people who have played Call of Duty year after year for the last decade will want to purchase? So far, we haven’t seen any gameplay so fans of the franchise will eagerly be anticipating what Infinity Ward has up their sleeve for E3 next week. Hopefully Activision listens to their fanbase and Ghosts will address some of the issues people have been complaining about for years.

2 Thoughts on “Will Call of Duty: Ghosts Just Be More of the Same?

  1. John on June 19, 2013 at 2:28 pm said:

    Pointless article – this is COD we’re talking about – its just gonna be the same shit yet again, but with a DOG! Hahahaha c’mon, everyone know what they’re on about regardless of the nonsense they talk, we all know what to expect, the most you will get is a “Oh, thats cool” / “Kill him doggie, theres a good boy”! I expect nothing from this game expect slightly better graphics, smoother gameplay and a new story (pretty much everything you get from a new cod game)!

  2. al client on June 19, 2013 at 4:52 pm said:

    I disagree about Killstreaks causing people to camp. people have always camped….because they are BAD. People simply camp and would do so even without Killstreaks. COD is a good game ruined by items it includes to appeal to the masses. Target Finders, Heart Beat Sensors, Thermal Sights, Care Pakages(aka…skill in a box), it’s all garbage. The more crap COD adds to the game the more I hate it. People are to worried about boosting for ugly camos than playing the objective. All that being said, I don’t want COD to change, I want to play COD, not some perverted version of COD. You can have crap like destructible environments that just beg for people to use garbage like Noobtubes.

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